Executive Director Tammy Hauser is on her way to some ADCC Member competitions this season, to present 2017 Studio of Excellence Awards.

Tammy attended almost a dozen regional and national events in 2016, and this year is expanding her travel plans, to see ADCC Members in action and to present the ADCC’s prestigious Studio of Excellence award to winning studios in person.

The current itinerary for 2017 includes 17 ADCC Member events—including 10 regionals and 7 nationals from Rhode Island to California, and many places in between.

Regionals: Feb 12-Houston TX, Nexstar | Feb 25-26-Fort Lauderdale FL, GROOVE | March 18- Fort Lauderdale FL, Inferno Dance | March 25-26-Towson MD, On Point| April 2-Chicago IL, Precision Arts Challenge | April 9-Lakeland FL, Legacy | April 23-Lakeland FL, EnerGy | April 30-Denver CO, Spotlight.

Nationals: June 23-25-Rock Hill SC, Dance Machine | July 1-2-Orlando FL, On Stage America | July 4-8 Orlando FL, Starpower | July 9-11-Cape Cod MA, Turn it Up Dance Challenge, and additional dates to be confirmed.