Vice President of the ADCC Board Drew Vamosi of Leap! National Dance Competition recently did an interview with InsideDANCE magazine, and mentioned The ADCC and its important role in the national dance competition industry:


What does it mean to you as a business owner to be a Platinum Member in an organization such as The Association of Dance Conventions and Competitions (The ADCC)?

The Association of Dance Conventions and Competitions is near and dear to my heart. Leap! is a proud member of this special non-profit organization and I am proud to be its Vice President for the remainder of my term. It has been wonderful to have an opportunity to sit down and discuss many issues with other fellow competition owners. In this environment, we as industry participants, are able to learn from each other. It gives us the opportunity to relate in ways not possible in years past. Before The ADCC was formed, competition owners really didn’t have an avenue to get together. Now we are able to share our various insights with both the struggles and successes that we’ve experienced along the way as our businesses have expanded.

You’ve been in a leadership position for many years with The ADCC (including the start of The ADCC)… what are you most proud of since its launch?

I am so proud that we have been able to put aside any competitive differences we may have had as individual business owners and come together as one mind about the future of the industry. The membership has grown from seven members to over 25 members in just a couple of years! It continues to grow and add new voices that make the organization more versatile in its future goals.

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