Will Shover grew up in a dance studio in Elkin, North Carolina, raised by parents who were involved in theater. Although a self-described “studio brat,” he gravitated more to gymnastics and tumbling, until his parents took him to a Carolina Dance Masters convention…

ADCC Board President and Groove CEO Daniel DeFranco grew up as a dance kid in New Jersey, working on hip hop moves in the studio and going to dance competitions on weekends.

“I’ve danced my entire life,” says Melissa R. Tessier of Sophisticated Productions Dance Competitions, The ADCC’s newest Platinum Member. “When I was 18, my sister opened a dance studio, and I taught for her for a couple of years, then eventually started my own modeling agency.”

When Ginny Faubell started Beyond The Stars in 2005, she never dreamed that the company would create fulltime opportunities for family members, including her daughter Nikki Faubell, who is now co-owner.

Drew Vamosi of Leap! National Dance Competition has been in the dance industry most of his life beginning at age three when he saw Arthur Duncan tap dancing on the Lawrence Welk show and begged his parents to let him dance.