The ADCC is thrilled to be featured in the October 2017 issue of Dance Studio Life, a Rhee Gold publication that goes out to more than 66,000 readers, including many of the more than 10,000 dance studios nationwide.

The DSL piece is called “A Little Friendly Competition,” and focuses on how dance competition members of The ADCC wanted to create a cooperative trade organization to help professionalize and serve the needs of ALL dance competitions in the industry, whether they’ve been in business for three years or three decades.

New Jersey-based dance teacher and DSL contributor Kay Waters really captured the collective can-do spirit of The ADCC, and what motivates our membership to work together and to tackle projects and achieve things for the industry would be difficult for competitions working on their own.

Waters interviewed The ADCC‘s founding President Michelle Kresge of Spotlight Dance Cup, current Board President Danny DeFranco of Groove, Vice President Drew Vamosi of Leap!, and Board Secretary Melissa Burns of Turn It Up Dance Challenge, along with Executive Director Tammy Hauser.

Check out the Dance Studio Life article online, or buy a copy of the October issue.

Article reprinted on this site with permission.