The ADCC currently has 10 Board Members, and recently elected two additional members for 2021 at its September 2020 Annual Meeting.

ADCC Board Members

Board Officers

At-Large Board Members

Sean Flanagan

United States Tournament of Dance
CRU Dance

Gina Dudash

Board Member
EnerGy National Dance Competitions

David Sanders

Vice President of Governance
Legacy National Dance Championships

Kayla Scurlock

Board Member
Elite Dance Cup

Will Shover

Vice President of Marketing
Dance Machine ANDC
Boogie Fever USA

Shari Tomasiello

Board Member
Headliners Dance Championships

Melissa Burns

Turn It Up Dance Challenge

Steve Wappel

Board Member
StarQuest Dance Competition

Sandra Walsh

Elite Dance Challenge

Ginny Faubell

Past President
Beyond The Stars
Breakout Dance Competition

New Board Members for 2021

Dan Hilla-Barris

Board Member
Dancers Inc.

Joel Kamensky

Board Member
Ticket To Broadway