Industry Excellence Awards

2019 Industry Excellence Awards

The ADCC 2019 Annual Meeting & Gala this September in Charleston, South Carolina featured the fourth annual Industry Excellence Awards, recognizing excellence in the dance competition industry.

The ADCC was thrilled to honor the following outstanding ADCC Member Competition staff members in 2019:

Robbie Anderson

Show Director

Robbie or “Mr. Boogie” as the studios refer to him has developed a culture at Boogie Fever that is amazing. He calls it the Boogie Fever Spirit and that is exactly what it is. Robbie makes each and every show sensational. He truly cares about each and every dancer and goes out of his way to make every studio feel relevant. He leads his team to be passionate, organized, caring, and efficient. An awards ceremony with Robbie is the best… his games, his energy, and his contagious spirit keep the Boogie Fever going around. When you are at a show with Robbie Anderson you can’t help but catch the Boogie Fever.

Jennifer Buckley

Tour Manager

Jenn began working at StarQuest in 2013 as a seasonal Stage Manager and quickly moved up after showing initiative, great judgment, and impeccable leadership skills. She become a Tour Manager in her second season and is currently our Production Director. She is able to bridge the gap between venue technical advancing, maintenance & upkeep of all production equipment, as well as organizing all the technical elements with our warehouse staff. Jenn excels in anything she puts her mind to—including finding amazing sushi restaurants, fostering animals, and baking. She always looks at the big picture and finds ways to improve herself, her team, and the guest experience. The dancers on site LOVE her (not just because they are the same height). We are so happy to have Jenn as a part of our family and cannot wait to see what else she has in store for the future of StarQuest!

Alexa Davis

Stage Manager

Alexa is the consummate stage manager. Always on top of her game and always providing service with a smile. Loved by teachers & students alike, she has an infectious energy and manages to find solutions to any problems that may crop up over the course of an event. Alexa’s organizational and people skills are paramount to producing a fun & stress free weekend for both Legacy’s clients & staff!!

Kalina DuBuc

Backstage Director

Coming from the Sunshine State, Kalina truly brings meaning to the name. She is a ray of light and brings positive energy while working as backstage director for Turn It Up Dance Challenge. The atmosphere that she sets backstage enables our participants to be at ease and feel most prepared for their performance. Not only does Kalina bring a positive energy, but she also has an ability to connect to our guests in such a detailed and personable way. She greets every single person backstage with a smile that is infectious. It is impossible to be in a bad mood around Kalina! Aside from her personality, Kalina is a team player and always willing to help. She is curious, asks questions, and is always looking for direct feedback. She is always looking for ways to improve at any level. Kalina consistently shows that she cares about the dancers and Turn It Up Dance Challenge. We are so pleased to have her on our team.

Nicole Fattore

Director and Merchandise Coordinator

Nicole is an integral part of the BTS Competition Family. As a Show Director on the road, Nicole is responsible for all aspects of the event. She works hard to ensure quality events for everyone attending. In the office, she coordinates our merchandise, inventory, and displays.

Megan Gossman

Midwest Regional Director

Megan has been a part of EnerGy family for our entire 10 years. In fact, she was the first employee hired. Loyal, hardworking and determined are just a few of the qualities that make her a standout employee. She is committed to upholding the standards of excellence our clients have come to expect from EnerGy and she does so seamlessly. Megan puts the company first in everything she does. She is someone you can always count on to get the job done. We have a saying in the office when we see a problem and need to solve it. We simply “Megan it.” We are lucky to have her on our team and proud to nominate her for the Industry Excellence Award.

Billy Morra

Backstage Manager

Billy Morra, otherwise known as Mr. Backstage Bill, has become an integral part of the Backstage Community. For the last nine years, Billy has generated a huge fan base by being the very spirit of our competition. He is known for his rendition of “Sweet Caroline,” where he throws out t-shirts and teddy bears; his Instagram @MrBackstageBill_ where he highlights the accomplishments of our dancers; his backstage pep talks where he makes everyone feel welcome and calm; and his electric energy that never wavers no matter how long the day may be. People cannot wait to come to see Backstage Bill because he truly makes everyone feel special. We are so lucky to have Billy as a part of our Backstage Crew.

Jessie Nash


It is with great pleasure that we nominate Jessie Nash for the 2019 Industry Excellence awards. In addition to performing her job at an exemplary level, Jessie is resourceful, caring, and happy to offer a helping hand no matter the task. Throughout the years she has spent with Precision, Jessie has exemplified the mission of the company and positively impacts the people around her.

Stephanie Potteiger

Assistant Director

When Stephanie joined the Diva team over 5 years ago as a judge, we knew we had found a very special, one-of-a-kind human who we could never let go. We quickly realized that Stephanie was someone who “got it.” She understood and believed passionately in our mission. Exemplifying what Diva stands for was her number one priority every weekend she was with us. We knew Stephanie was meant to be part of the bigger picture and that we had to create a larger role for her. She came on as Operations Manager in 2018 and quickly moved ahead to Assistant Director in 2019. We can’t say enough about how truly lucky and humbled we are to have Stephanie on our team. She is forward-thinking, diplomatic, a problem-solver, ready to get her hands dirty and consistently goes above and beyond. She provides absolute top-notch customer service, is nothing but positive 24/7, knows how to have fun and gives the best “Steph hugs.” With her cheery smile, she makes every one she meets feel special, from dancers, to directors, to fellow staff. She is the total package and we are so proud to call her a DIVA!

Ash Rentfro

Show Director

Ash Rentfro has been a part of the Spotlight family for six seasons. Ash was hired as a Sales Associate and instantly wowed us with her customer service skills. Over the years, she quickly moved through the ranks to work as a Stage Manager and then to the current role of Show Director, where she has truly carved a place in this industry. Her award ceremonies are both entertaining and meaningful. When not on stage, you will find Ash engaged in deep conversations with dancers, parents and studio directors alike; Ash makes an impression on everyone she meets. Clients have come to expect her friendly face and supportive attitude which can make all the difference during the long days of a dance competition. What makes her stand out in the crowd is that Ash genuinely cares about people. Ash’s upbeat attitude and sense of humor have always made her a staff favorite and a true delight to work with. Her dedication to Spotlight and to dance education is evident in all she does. Spotlight is so proud to recognize Ash Rentfro as their ADCC Industry Excellence Award Winner!

Joel Valdiviezo

Executive Director

As Executive Director, Joel is in charge of coordinating everything in the Breakout brand. This was a huge undertaking during our premiere tour last season. He’s an extremely hard worker who has a passion for the dance competition industry and we’re very proud of all that he’s accomplished.

René Ward

Assistant Tour Director

René is the Tour Crew Member everyone loves! She comes to the rescue in any situation and is like a Tour Mom, she not only has great snacks and medication, she thinks of every little detail and always jumps into action when a need arises. Her Awesomeness is not just on tour when she is Tabulating, she helps train Tour Crew, she assists with Social Media, helps book Venues, make Training Manuals, On-Site Tour Guides, and the list goes on and on. She is Fantastic at every single task she takes on, At Dance Machine René Ward is the Super Mega Diamond Triple Titanium Sparkling Platinum VIP Award Winner… we can’t imagine not having her as a part of our Dance Family!!!