When Ginny Faubell started Beyond The Stars in 2005, she never dreamed that the company would create fulltime opportunities for family members, including her daughter Nikki Faubell, who is now co-owner.

Ginny Faubell“Owning Beyond The Stars as a family business has been an adventure I could not have imagined,” says Ginny. “I am really happy to be working with my kids in something we all love to do.”

“I’ve spent my whole life around dance. My parents were both professional dancers, I grew up in a studio environment, and throughout Nikki’s competitive dance years I was a dedicated dance mom. When I decided to start a business, it made sense that it would involve dance.”

“Starting with a team of owners that represented the interests of the dancer, studio owner, competition owner, and parent, we thought we could offer something unique in the industry.”

“Of course so many of my colleagues also provide competition experiences that focus on the dancers, but I felt when we began, that Beyond The Stars had a unique approach in that we looked at decisions we made from all four vantage points.”

beyond-the-stars-logo“I admire and respect the parents of dance kids who sacrifice so much in time and money to give their kids the opportunity to dance at this level. It is truly inspiring to me.”

Ginny joined The ADCC in 2014 and was nominated to serve on the Board of Directors in January 2015. In September 2015, she was elected to the Executive Committee as Treasurer. She has served on the Membership Committee and as co-chair of the 2016 Annual Meeting committee. helping to grow Membership and ensure that all Members meet eligibility requirements.

“I am really excited about The ADCC because I think we are all stronger together,” she says. “I believe in working as a group for the common good of the industry and I see that same value in my fellow ADCC Board Members. I encourage you to join The ADCC because by joining, you will help your business grow in ways you could never imagine, and you will be part of creating something new that serves the dance community.”

For more information: beyondthestarscompetition.com