Daniel DeFrancoADCC Board President and Groove CEO Daniel DeFranco grew up as a dance kid in New Jersey, working on hip hop moves in the studio and going to dance competitions on weekends. He continued dancing in college as a creative pursuit, but realizing that a professional performance career wasn’t what he wanted, he majored instead in marketing and economics, and got into the business of event production while still in school.

When he started Groove National Dance Competition at his kitchen table in 2011, Danny was happy that this career choice allowed him to combine his two favorite things: dance and event production. One aspect that makes Groove unique is its strong focus on production values—staging, lighting, and audio—so that performing onstage is a completely immersive experience for dancers.

groove-with-taglineThough it’s a relative newcomer to the competitive dance scene, Groove is growing by leaps and bounds—the company recently moved from a small office with separate warehouse space into a 15,000-square foot combined office and warehouse, where they can do a whole production setup to work on rigging, lighting, sound, and other technical elements.

For 2016, Groove is producing six Conventions (events offering workshops and master classes) and 31 Regional competitions, including their first international event, a combined convention/competition in London on June 18-19. Two National competitions, in Atlantic City, New Jersey and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, will finish out the season in July.

Danny says he found himself becoming interested in The ADCC when he attended a meeting in Las Vegas in 2014. “I liked the people, and I liked the mission of the organization. It was clear to me that this group was working to accomplish things together that none of us could do on our own.”

He was elected as President of The ADCC Board at the organization’s first Annual Meeting last September. “I don’t do anything lightly. If I’m going to be committed to something, it’s got to be all the way. I see real value in The ADCC. I’ve found some amazing mentors and business partners,” he says. “We’re working to create something beneficial for the industry, that I think will lead to some really big things.”

For more information: www.groovecompetition.com