Drew Vamosi of Leap! National Dance Competition has been in the dance industry most of his life beginning at age three when he saw Arthur Duncan tap dancing on the Lawrence Welk show and begged his parents to let him dance.

Drew started taking tap class with his parents’ encouragement and later began touring both nationally and internationally as a professional dancer. He has owned his own dance studios and taught for many others. Drew was also the director of a large talent agency, has judged and emceed for a number of dance competitions, and is the owner of Leap! Dance Competition and the former co-owner of BRAVO.

Leap! distinguishes itself from other competitions because it has moved away from the traditional Bronze, Silver, Gold, & Platinum awards. Dancers are adjudicated with a “Star” ranking, instead.

Leap! is also the only competition in the industry to host a special “Leaping Competition” which is a big hit for dancers. The winner receives special prizes and a picture of their award-winning leap is featured on the Leap!s page for all to see.

In addition to the leaping competition. Leap! offers two levels of competition. The “LEAP!” level is for the more competitive dancer while the “SKIP!” level offers something for the dancer that may be more interested in the experience of competitive dance and is in the studio 5 or fewer hours per week.

Finally, Leap! is the only competition in the industry to have an “ALL MALE” panel of judges which came about purely by chance. At their very first event they just happened to have 3 men judging and many teachers told them how much they loved the “ALL MALE” panel.

We are delighted to welcome Drew and Leap! to our ADCC Membership and share Drew’s commitment to supporting the competitive dance industry. By bringing all competitions, dancers and studios together under one association, we can collectively move this industry forward; helping thousands of dancers continue their love of dance.

For more information:  leapcompetition.com