Melissa Burns has been a long-time, highly motivated member of the dance industry. Growing up dancing, Melissa had the opportunity to compete in a very competitive dance studio program and then went on to dance on board the Norwegian Majesty Cruise Ship, at the Olympic Stadium of Munich, Germany as well as many other cities and countries all over the world.

After receiving a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Fine Arts from Stonehill College, Melissa taught Vagonava ballet as well as jazz, tap, hip-hop, lyrical, and contemporary throughout the New England area. With her passion for dance, and her business expertise, Melissa saw the need for a professional, yet friendly and accommodating venue for dancers to be able to compete.

In 2006, Melissa created Turn It Up Dance Challenge, Inc. Understanding what teachers, choreographers, and students endure during practice, performance, and competition, Melissa has designed a dance competing and convention for dancers of all levels that promotes some of the core concepts she learned as a competitive dancer.

“I am so excited to see The ADCC come into being.”

Turn it Up Dance Challenge ensures a quality experience for all dancers by ensuring that judging standards are maintained and that there is consistency in the judging and awards process. “Dancers work so hard and we want to make sure they are rewarded for their best performances,” she explained.

Melissa joined The ADCC in December 2014 after attending an orientation for potential Members and then was voted onto the Board of Directors in January. “I am extremely excited to see this organization come into being,” she said. “We truly need an association where competition owners can network with each other and build relationships with colleagues.”

“This is a challenging industry to work in. We are a niche world that is different than most other kinds of businesses, therefore, not many people understand what we do or what our struggles are. I enjoy all the other Members and have already gained so much by networking in just the first few months of my Membership. I encourage all other competitions and conventions to join us and am thrilled to help provide leadership to the ADCC as we grow.”

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